On Thursday i had two occupational therapists come and see me in view of having some equipment in the house to help keep me safe. Annemarie who i see monthly and she is my voice of reason. She is the voice in my head if i know i do too much 😊 And Angela. Angela is someone i used to work with when i was a nurse on the intermediate care team. But there is no other person i trust more, in fact i would trust all i worked with to look after me.

It took a lots of guts last year to get a walking stick that i use when i get wobbly. Pride got in the way a bit and i was worried how people might perceive me. I know!!! But when you are young and used to being independent, its hard. But i bit the bullet and now i have a collapsible walking stick in my handbag, like a fashion icon!! Lol

The same regarding having equipment in my house. The thought upsets me greatly, and i having been shedding a few tears of late. I feel like i am 47 going on 80. Which i know is ridiculous but its something i just have to get my head around, accept and know I am safe and still independent. Once they are fixed and i have used them a few times , like my stick i wont notice them.

My stairs are very steep so when i am tired its hard work climbing them so i am having a secondary rail put on the wall so i will have two banisters. Which will probably be helpful.

Climbing into my bath / shower is hard with perception and balance so i am getting rails on the wall and a bath board which should help hugely.

I am confiding these things to you so that if you need equipment, get it. How does the saying go Pride comes before a fall? I would rather be safe then end up in hospital because my pride got the better of me 💖