Lessons to be Learnt

Years ago one of my favourite spiritual writers was Paulo Coelho. He writes stories, but there are always lessons within these stories. His books are easy to read, as easy on the eye. I have recently bought one of his books in the hopes that I can read it.

There was a paragraph in it which I thought I would share with you.

” In life, each person can take one of two attitudes: to build or to plant. The builders may take years over their tasks, but one day, they finish what they are doing. Then they find that they are hemmed in by their own walls. Life loses it’s meaning when the building stops.

Then there are those who plant. They endure storms and all the vicissitudes of the seasons, and they rarely rest. But, unlike a building, a garden never stops growing. And while it request the gardener’s constant attention, it also allows life for the
gardener to be a great adventure. ” Paulo Coelho 2008

I always like to think of my life as being a great adventure, never stopping, just lots of nooks and crannies.

I like reading Aesop Fables for this reason as well. They are beautiful stories and have lessons to be learnt inside. Of course when you are a child, you are not aware of them but as an adult they are very much apparent.

And our proverbs which I had forgotten until recently. I go to a CST (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) course and they were talking about them there. Those that were given to us gave me food for thought.

Author: tracey28

I was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer's Disease and Posterior Cortical Atrophy in December 2015. I cope with having this by being optimistic and positive, and by being vocal about dementia. Its not a case of it being shoved under the carpet or not being spoke about like it used to. How else can we learn if not open about it. I do a variety of things to get out there and keep my brain active which is the most important thing. This is what I am going to share with you, my poems, positivity, etc. It doesn't have to be doom and gloom when you have a long term condition.

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