Don’t be a hermit

It’s very easy to become a hermit when you have a long term condition such as dementia but its not healthy as the brain needs stimulation. For me I have to get a happy medium and pace myself as I get tired very quickly but I also like to do things.

I can’t cope with crowds as I am not able to distinguish between the voices, its like a constant rabble in the environment. So I  very rarely go out in the evening anymore with friends as they always end up going to a noisy pub, then I feel isolated as I can’t tell what they are supposed to be saying and then I find myself going into my own little world wishing I was at home. Plus my speech and gait get affected when I get tired and the evening is usually the worse for me as well.

So I try and see friends in the day, or go out in the day which suits me better. I go to a variety of different groups so I can mix, I suppose that is one of the reasons I miss working seeing people. I go to a weekly writing group which is good as it encourages me to hand write stories and such and keeps that skill going. I go to a group called Rosies Moments and its situated at the sports centre and we do a variety of physical and mental activities and I enjoy that. I also go to a group called The SunShiners which consists of a mix of psychologists and people who have dementia and we try and raise positivity about dementia cause most of us are quite young.

I go and give talks to post diagnostic groups, these are people who have just been diagnosed with dementia and tell them not to give up. And also I talk to the public to bring awareness that dementia does affect all ages not just the elderly.

I love to walk so have a walking buddy as sometimes I am not so safe on my own.

Just a matter of pushing and persevering always

Author: tracey28

I was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer's Disease and Posterior Cortical Atrophy in December 2015. I cope with having this by being optimistic and positive, and by being vocal about dementia. Its not a case of it being shoved under the carpet or not being spoke about like it used to. How else can we learn if not open about it. I do a variety of things to get out there and keep my brain active which is the most important thing. This is what I am going to share with you, my poems, positivity, etc. It doesn't have to be doom and gloom when you have a long term condition.

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